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Am I Ready For An Iguana?

Becoming the owner of an iguana carries significant responsibility in providing a long and happy life for that ig. Before aquiring an iguana, it is a good idea to investigate the husbandry, environment, caging, diet, preventative health care, and other special requirements iguanas need. The following questions may be useful to consider.


Do I choose to spend my money for the initial cost of the iguana, and its maintenance and supplies?

  • Iguana Purchase Price
  • Housing/cage (heat, light, bedding, etc)
  • Transport carrier
  • Diet
  • Health care (annual vet visits)
  • Preventative screening for parasites or diseases
  • Parasite control
  • Grooming needs
  • Other costs (taming, surgery, medications)

Yes | No


Am I willing to spend sufficient time with this iguana (in addition to feeding and cleaning) to provide for its well-being?
Yes | No

Does my job schedule and other activitied allow the time needed for taming, training, affection, and socialization of this iguana?
Yes | No

Am I willing to provide the proper sanitation of its habitat for health care maintenance?
Yes | No


Am I aware of how much space this animal will need for proper exercise, rest, and security, and can I provide it? (An adult iguana will need a cage at least 6' tall, 5' long, and 3' deep)
Yes | No

Do I have the environment available to provide the proper light, heat, humidity, and ventilation?
Yes | No

Special Consideration:

Am I comfortable handling and restraining a large reptile that may become aggressive seasonally?
Yes | No

If there are young children in the family, would you be able to protect the iguana and children from each other?
Yes | No

Do I have a qualified reptile veterinarian nearby?
Yes | No

Do I have someone willing to care for my iguana should I need to be away for any reason?
Yes | No

Do my state and local laws permit the ownership of large reptiles, and if so are there any special regulations?
Yes | No

Am I prepares to own by learning about all of this animal's requirements BEFORE purchase?
Yes | No

All things considered, does this species fill my companion animal needs and can I fulfill this pet's life needs adequately?
Yes | No




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