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Solar Drops / Liquid UVB

The reptile industry is always coming out with new products that are supposed to make our lives easier when caring for our scaly friends. Unfortunately, there are no regulations on the herp industry, and many manufacturers are free to make claims that may or may not be true. One of the most dangerous claims we have seen is on the labels of Solar Drops and other similar 'Liquid UVB' products.

These products claim to provide an alternative to the somewhat expensive UVB lights that iguanas require. The manufacturers claim that iguanas being fed this supplement will stay healthy even without proper UVB lighting. Sounds like a great idea...until you look closer at the label.

The active ingredient in these 'Liquid UVB' supplements is Vitamin D3. D3 is a good vitamin. It is something iguanas NEED in order to process the calcium in their diets. There's just one problem. Research has shown that iguanas CANNOT process dietary D3! They can only synthesize D3 when they are exposed to UVB lighting. That means that iguanas being given this supplement and NOT given exposure to UVB are at a great risk of developing Metabolic Bone Disease.

While some reptiles (such as bearded dragons) can process dietary D3 and may benefit from a supplement such as this, for iguanas it is a death sentence. As a fellow herper once said, these products are about as useful as dancing in front of your iguana singing 'I'm a little ray of sunshine.' There are no short cuts to provide UVB for iguanas.



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