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Iguanas come from a fairly tropical region, and require a rather high humidity level for proper health. Lack of humidity can lead to kidney problems later in life. Humidity can be provided in several ways. Using a spray bottle full of water you can mist your Iguana and their enclosure several times a day to keep humidity up. There are also commercial devices such as ultrasonic foggers and humidifiers that can keep your humidity acceptable.

You should also keep a water source in the cage at all times. It is rare to see an iguana drinking from their water bowl, but they do need it. Evaporating water from the container helps raise humidity, and many igs will use their water box to defecate in, making cage cleaning much easier.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways is to use a cool mist humidifier from WalMart to add humidity. Iguanas can also gain needed moisture from a swim in the bathtub. Just make sure you disinfect the tub afterwards, and make sure there is no disinfectant residue the next time you let your Iguana swim.

Letting your iguana swim in the tub is useful in many ways. Not only does it help hydrate them and assist in shedding, but it is also useful for potty-training. Many igs can easily be trained to go to the bathroom while in the tub, and from there be trained to use a sweater box of water in their cage as the bathroom. When putting your iguana in the tub, make sure that the water is warm, not hot, and no deeper than your iguana's shoulders. If they are soaking for long periods of time, make sure you keep an eye on the water temperature and replace cooling water with warm water as needed. Many igs are scared of the bathtub at first. It is very hard for them to judge depth in there, and they may panic at first. Young igs can begin bath training in the sink or in a rubbermaid box at first. You may want to float a washcloth in the water for them to grasp on to. Some igs will learn to love baths, others will tolerate it, and still others will continue to hate it.

Proper humidity levels help keep your Iguana hydrated (many will drink by lapping water droplets off of cage furniture) and help with shedding by moistening and softening their skin.



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