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Don't Believe Everything You Read

Many times, in doing searches on the internet you will find pages that give information on iguanas ....information that confuses you in many ways. Please keep in mind that many pages that are written are written by people that have done nothing more than copied information from other pages they have read, without ever knowing what correct care is.

As you see, we, at Iguana Den, recommend only a few sites for you to visit. The reason for this is that we only recommend sites that have been written by people that have done in-depth studies into the needs of iguanas. We only recommend sites written by people that have been kept up to date on their needs.

Many old writings still recommend things for igs, that in the past 10 yrs have been proven to kill iguanas. Why then, is this information still available? Simple, people have not taken the time to follow up and keep up on the care of iguanas.

Things you will read on some sites will be information like:

Feeding animal proteins is food, dog food, chicken, etc... This is old info and information that has proven to kill iguanas.

Heat rocks for heat: Again, new research proves that they can KILL your iguana. They malfunction, they overheat, they cause severe burns, they literally cook your iguanas insides. Iguanas NEED a main heat source from above to properly regulate their body temperatures and functions.

Iguanas only need a 20 gallon tank... FALSE!!!!! they grow regardless of the size cage they are in, provided they have the correct care.

Iguanas will learn to get along when caged together: FALSE!!! they don;don't like or need company..they need their own space!!!

Any light that produces full spectrum will work for an iguana. FALSE! They need certain amounts of ACTIVE UVB to SURVIVE!



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