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Iguana Growth

Iguanas who are cared for properly grow at an amazing rate! Unlike what some pet stores tell people, iguanas will continue to grow no matter what size cage they are kept in. A healthy iguana *should* grow fast!

There is an excellent chart on Melissa Kaplan's site that shows the average growth rates of properly cared for iguanas. Although just as in humans, iguana growth varies from individual to individual, this chart should give you an idea of what to expect in terms of growth.

The following picture documents the growth of Eeghana, an iguana owned by Melodie. She took yearly photos of Eeghana and combined them into this montage that shows how quickly an iguana can grow. Click on the picture to see it full sized.

Eeghana's Growth

The picture below shows the size difference between a hatchling ig and a 3 year old ig.
This was a very carefully posed photo taken just for size comparison. It is NOT a good idea to keep two iguanas together, especially with such a drastic size difference!
hatchling ig and 3 year old ig



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