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Claw Trimming

Trimming your Iguana’s toenails should be a fun project. Whether or not this is an easy task often depends on how calm your Iguana is. If you've been treating your Iguana with respect, a healthy diet, clean cage, and proper heating then your Iguana should be relaxed enough with you to allow you to trim it’s nails. However, more often than not our Iguanas show more attitude toward us than we deserve. This is often evident by the scars that are found on our arms.

If your Iguana is a flighty Ig, feel free to use a two person method for nail clipping. One person will hold the tail and back feet while the clipper will contend with the front. Once the front feet are finished the Iguana is then turned and one person maintains the head and front feet while the other clips the rear nails.

A towel wrapped around the iguana to form a 'burrito' can also prove to be helpful when nail clipping.

There are many nail clippers on the market today. Most pet shops will carry small clippers just for iguana nails also known to be used for the nails of birds. Small scissors or even human nail clippers can also be used.

Follow the guide below and clipping will be easy. Clip just the tip of the nail, just after it begins to curve around. If you cut back behind this curve, you risk cutting the quick and causing bleeding. If by chance you clip to deep and bleeding begins, dip the toe in some cornstarch and the bleeding should stop.

Iguana Nail Diagram



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