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Cage Materials

Iguana cages can be made out of many different materials. There are pros and cons to most of the materials available, as well as some materials it is best to avoid completely.

Wood is probably the most common material used in cage building. Most hardwoods used for 2x4s and the like are suitable for iguana cages. You want to avoid aromatic woods such as cedar and redwood because they contain toxic oils that can be fatal to your iguana.

2x4s are great for creating a frame for your cage, and there are various options for creating the walls, top, and floor. Solid walls and tops help keep the heat in best. You can use plywood, glass, or Plexiglas as cage walls and top. If you use glass, be sure to use tempered glass that will not shatter if dropped.

If your cage is in a room that stays very warm year round, you can use various kinds of plastic mesh for the walls of the cage. Garden mesh from Home Depot works well on these kinds of cages, and is also great for using on outdoor sunning cages. Wire mesh is not the best choice for the walls unless it is plastic coated, as it can harm your iguana's toes. Wire mesh is, however, a good ceiling material as the lights and heating elements will not be able to harm it.

Many old furniture items such as entertainment centers can be converted with little effort into decent iguana cages. Many of these are too small for a full grown iguana unless added on to, but are suitable for a young ig.

PVC pipes can also be used to create a frame for a cage. These cages can be covered with plastic mesh and make great portable cages and sunning cages due to their light weight and open nature. They do not hold heat very well, so if you use it as an indoor cage make sure it is placed in a warm area, or use sheets or shower curtains along the sides and back to hold in heat.

When making a wood cage, be sure to seal the wood before putting your iguana in it. A water based polyurethane is a good sealant. Use several coats and allow plenty of time to dry. If you choose to paint or stain the interior of your cage, it is very important to seal the cage as well, to prevent any fumes or paint chips from escaping to harm your iguana. Sealing also makes cleaning and disinfecting a LOT easier!

The best tip out there for cage builders: WHEELS! When you design your cage, be sure to add some wheels on the bottom! It makes it a LOT easier to move around!



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