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IMPORTANT: These pages on health are meant to be general guides, not hard and fast rules. They were not written by vets and are NO SUBSTITUTE for veterinary care. If you suspect something is wrong with your iguana, PLEASE see a qualified veterinarian!

Liver Disorders

There are a variety of liver disorders that can affect iguanas, from fatty liver disease to cirrhosis. Liver disease, no matter what type, can be difficult to treat and often fatal to an iguana. There are many factors that can cause problems with the liver. Too much or too little protein, MBD, too much phosphorus, and much much more.

The best way to prevent problems with liver disorders is to provide a proper diet and habitat for your iguana, and also to have bloodwork done yearly. Yearly bloodwork tests can help your vet spot any liver problems in the early stages, making it MUCH easier to treat in most cases.

For more in depth information on liver disease in iguanas, we recommend you join the AdvancedIML list on Yahoo Groups and search the archives. There is a lot of information stored there.



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