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IMPORTANT: These pages on health are meant to be general guides, not hard and fast rules. They were not written by vets and are NO SUBSTITUTE for veterinary care. If you suspect something is wrong with your iguana, PLEASE see a qualified veterinarian!

First Aid Kit

In having an iguana, everyone should have a first aid kit for any emergences that come up, be it something you can "fix" at home, or as a temporary "fix" on your way to the vets.
Any plastic covered box or container will work. Label it on all sides so you know WHAT it is and be sure to keep it WHERE you know its at!!! As in all cases...these are temporary treatments as you on your way tot he Vets!!!
In the kit you should have:

Betadine.....which is an all purpose skin and wound cleanser(many stores have their own brand)

Triple antibiotic ointment and cream.....(with our without the added medication to numb and area -I prefer the cream for the face area and also certain injuries)

Mineral oil,baby oil or Vaseline... works wonderful on stubborn sheds especially spikes and toes!

cotton swabs...for applying medications

scissors ...for cutting tape, bandages, etc

medical tape....holding a bandage of splint in place

gauze pads...wound protection or pressure bandage in case of serious bleeding

Penlight... so you can look for mites or a better look at an injury

Syringes...(without needle) various sizes..for syringing medications or water if needed

Blood stop powder( called styptic powder)..only to be used on nails, NOT for use on large body parts or deep,large wounds!!!!!!

Magnifying case you need to look for mites, or to get a better look at something.

Nail trimmers & Nail trim claws or possibly a broken claw

Sterile water(saline).... for rinsing out an eye injury or something in the eye)

Tongue depressors...quick splint to immobilize an extremity on the way to the vet.

Various size immobilize(or restrain) ig or be rolled as a splint in emergencies on the way to the vet.

Plastic straws...quick splint for broken toes, on the way to the vet.

Vet wrap...(coban,flex-wrap) the adhesive less wrap that sticks to itself

Small ace hold a larger splint in place(such as for broken back)

Latex prevent you from adding germs to an injury on your ig

Plastic Baggies... for fecal samples or to place something questionable in that your ig may have passed.(to show the vet)

Pencil, jot down anything you notice and need to ask your vet...and to record info that is important to your igs health...IE: vet records, etc.

Of course many of these items will also be used on YOU if your iguana does scratch or bite you!!



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