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05/04/05 - Added So You Want To Start A Shelter to the Adoption & Fostering Page

02/08/05 - Updated Iguana Fact & Fiction, Added Reptiles and Salmonella to the Health section.

06/04/04 - Added Alternate Names for Plants to the Diet section.

03/02/04 - Added Heat From Above Or Below to Care and to Housing. Added to Multiple Igs, and put a copy of Multiple Igs in the Housing section.

02/23/04 - Added new Photo Album in the Community section.

02/18/04 - Long time no updates! Added several new pages today - HotRocks - Just Say NO!, Solar Drops / Liquid UVB, Why Do I Need a Vet?, and Help! The Power's Out!

08/25/03 - Added Automatic Mister Plans to Iguana Housing.

08/20/03 - IgDen moves to new server :)

07/16/03 - Updated Iguanas in the News

07/09/03 - Added Iguana Issues section and Jim's letter to Reptiles Magazine. Added Iguanas in NYC along with supporting articles. Added Iguanas in the News. Set external links to open in a new window.

06/16/03 - Added Iguana Fact & Fiction and Am I Ready For An Iguana to Care section. Redid link layout for easier navigation on main subsections.

05/28/03 - Switched the Pictures section over to a Fotopic Gallery.

05/14/03 - Added Multiple Iguanas to the Care section.

04/16/03 - Added Iguana Costs and link to the IgDen Store.

04/14/03 - Fixed minor bugs/broken links. Adjusted text margin.

04/10/03 - Added Oxalic Acids and Goitrogens. Spellchecked. ;) Ready for launch!!!! 12:15PM EST - WE ARE LIVE!

04/04/03 - Added Fungus and Liver Disorders, edited Proteins and Diet.

04/03/03 - Added Growth, Ethics of Breeding, Several Cage Plans, Wiring a Cage, Cage Setup, Grocery Guide, Preparing and Storing Food, When to See the Vet

04/02/03 - Added Medical Gallery and Ig Food Gallery. Photos added to several subpages.

04/01/02 - EVERYTHING :)



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