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Why Adopt?

So, why should you adopt an iguana instead of buying that cute little green ig from the pet store?

To begin with, there are literally hundreds of iguanas filling up rescues and shelters that are in need of good homes. Iguanas have suffered from a huge rise in popularity, but unfortunately many people buy them on impulse or suffering from 'cool pet syndrome' and then dump them once they discover how difficult they can be to care for or how large they get. Too many iguanas are not lucky enough to reach a rescue or shelter, and instead are euthanized, abandoned outside, or simply cared for so poorly that they die.

Most iguanas you see in pet stores are farmed animals, raised in the hundreds by big reptile breeders and then shipped off in large amounts to pet stores everywhere. Often these little igs arrive stressed beyond belief as well as riddled with internal and external parasites. Since it is very difficult to determine the gender of an iguana until they are at least a year old, you cannot guarantee the sex of your new ig, no matter what the pet store employees may try to tell you.

By adopting an iguana, not only are you giving it a new chance at a better life, but you also have more choices in the kind of animal you adopt. Many rescues and shelters will treat for any parasites before adopting out, and will already have a good idea as to the personality of the animal. You will also have a better chance at selecting the gender you want. Many animals in rescues and shelters also come with cages and supplies.

Instead of contributing to the mass marketing of iguanas that is causing so many to be abandoned and mistreated, why not consider adoption instead.



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